Philip Abou Zeid: TV producer, reporter and educator


Tell us about your background

I have two masters in Media studies and communication and in political science. I graduated from the Lebanese University and Saint Joseph University Beirut.

Since 2000 I started writing articles in Annahar Newspaper and during my college years I was involved in the students’ committees trying to create a change in society and a better future for the youth of Lebanon.

In 2007 – 2008 I became a youth shadow minister of education where I presented 5 projects to the actual ministers of education in Lebanon related to creating a unified version of the history book and educational and cultural activities and projects in Lebanon.

I started my work in media field as TV producer and Reporter with the talk show kalamennas with marcel ghanem on LBCI and moved after 10 years to MTV Lebanon.

I teach social media, media ethics and communication strategies at USJ and Phoenicia University.

I also train NGOs and consult companies on the professional use of social media.

What's your motivation, what drives you in life?

Freedom drives me.
I love to live freely and to promote freedom of speech and most of all human rights in my country. I am very motivated and I work hard to achieve my goals and to become a better person in a better country.

I aspire to see one day Lebanon a prosperous country in the region.

How was your visiting program experience overall?

This experience taught me a lot about the German political system. Democracy. Freedom of speech and education.

I have learned how this great nation managed to transform and overcome wars and problems and turn the system into a better democracy respecting everybody’s right to exist and express.

Getting in touch with political leaders, parties and youth is a great added value to my knowledge and experience as a journalist and a researcher in the field of politics.

What impact or what changed for you before/after the program?

I can say that now I know better about the democratic system in German, the EU and the role of the EU in the region. The relationship between EU and Arab Countries and Lebanon.

My perspective towards many things has changed. I learned a lot about how to be active and to serve the community and to respect the law and order.