Syrian Refugees
OurVoice Akkar - 3D Virtual exhibition


A Voice for Refugee Children

Even after the great refugee movements in 2015, the topic of refugees continues to shape public discourse. The situation of refugees in their homeland and in neighboring countries must be improved. A project of several private initiatives in Lebanon was initiated by Erol Gurian and is called OurVoice: In a workshop, interested girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 16 learned journalistic basics and produced their own content under professional guidance. Their stories were edited, translated into English and published on the OurVoice website. In this way, interested parties all over the world can now participate in the life of young refugees. The initiative of the Munich photojournalist Erol Gurian works on three levels: It creates media competence, gives a personal insight into the world of young people and breaks down prejudices. His vision is to connect both refugees and non-refugees in a network around the world.



In his virtual photo exhibiton, Erol Gurian gives a glimpse behind the scenes of OurVoice and shares the children's work and stories. The project is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.