Myrna Mneimneh


Myrna Mneimneh

I hold a master's degree in Political Science , a bachelor degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Turkish Political Studies in METU.

I am a content creator, multilingual and a sports addict .

As political and social activist, environmentalist, human rights advocate, youth, women and underrepresented group defender, I believe that we should fight  stereotypes, misinformation and have more women on the negotiations and decision-making  table. I believe that there is always something new under the sun.

I started my political career in Future Movement as Youth Sector spokesperson and head of international relations officer. I am as well former IFLRY Vice President. In 2009, I was appointed as Expatriates Coordinator in FM. Noteworthy, the task was not easy as it is a  traditionally male-dominated field. It was a challenge but I learned a lot, from lobbying to communications, journalism to research and strategy.

My academic background and resilience helped me  providing solutions for workplace problems, improving expats networks  productivity and performance and most importantly increasing the number of women in FM Diaspora boards.

The IAF in Gummersbach was a unique experience. I gained the best practices and made longlasting friendships. It was a platform of  international exchange and global networking. The leadership training helped me prioritize my beliefs,  gain new skills and thrive to make a change. 

It was an eye opener and it strengthened my political career. In 2016, I was nominated to the political bureau of Future Movement. Aanalyze current political trends, follow current events in politics and develop accurate political reports based on my findings in addition to issues related to Foreign Affairs.

I am in constant contact with FNF empowering me by offering the adequate trainings and assistance, always  introducing  new platforms. In March 2021, FNF along with other partners launched a new liberal network in the MENA region “AHLN “. I am proud to announce that I am one of the constituting members of the network that will have a meaningful impact on the political scene in the region.