Women's Rights
“Min Haqqiha” App Launch

FNF and the Lebanese Organization of Defending Equality and Rights (LOUDER) have joined forces to empower women and girls across Lebanon, through our “Min Haqqiha” initiative

What is Min Haqqiha?

Min Haqqiha is a user-friendly mobile application that introduces women in Lebanon to their rights and identifies the areas of gender discrimination and violations in an interactive manner. To empower women, this app aims at raising awareness around women's rights and makes such information more accessible to the public in general, and to women in particular.


What does Min Haqqiha Provide?

  • Guidance on key issues related to the universality of women’s rights
  • International standards on women’s rights inspired from the legal instruments adopted by UN bodies
  • Lebanese laws relating to women’s rights that challenge gender inequality mainly in relation to the workplace, the personal status laws (early marriage, custody, inheritance, etc.) and women’s political participation
  • Awareness around the difference between gender and sex, and Gender-Based Violence (GBV)
  • Measures needed when facing domestic violence
  • Free, accessible, and interactive educational tools and quizzes that work offline.