Research Study
Migration Aspirations amongst Syrian Refugees amidst the Financial and Political Crisis in Lebanon

by Dr. Rima Majed, Saly Wazze and Marylin Chahine
migration report

The deepening financial and economic crisis in Lebanon since October 2019 has led to a massive wave of migra- tion amongst Lebanese youths and migrant communi- ties residing in the country. While this wave of migration has been slowed down by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of airports around the world, in addition to the growing economic crisis globally; we have more recently witnessed a return of mass migra- tion since August 2020. The Beirut explosion of August 4th, and the economic and security risks that came with it, led hundreds of thousands to start planning their way out of the country. While the aspirations to migrate have not yet materialized for most people, the wish to leave the country is becoming more loudly pronounced amongst various groups within the Lebanese society. Particularly vulnerable amongst those trying to exit the dire living conditions in Lebanon are the migrant work-ers and refugee communities. This study will focus on the migration aspirations amongst Syrian refugees in Lebanon.