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Liberal Q: Quo Vadis Syria?

Liberal Q

Join us for a conversation on Syria. As we commemorate the 10 years since the eruption of the first protests in Syria, we look back at how these were perceived by our speakers back then, but also at how the country looks like today, who the main players are and what the humanitarian situation is.

Joining us on this podcast moderated by SPIEGEL reporter Thore Schröder, are:

Lina Sinjab, a Syrian Journalist and is a Middle East correspondent at the BBC. In 2013 she covered the Syria peace talks in Geneva and before that, from 2007, she was the BBC’s Damascus-based correspondent. Lina has extensively covered the Syrian uprising since its beginnings in 2011 and continues to follow developments in Syria and the region.

Further joining us is Nazir Madi (Alias Name), a Syrian human rights activist based in Germany, who works on humanitarian projects in Syria and countries hosting its refugees.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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