Hoda Touma

Project Manager FNF Lebanon and Syria

Short vita

I joined the FNF team in June 2020 as a Project Coordinator. I hold a BA in Translation and Applied Languages from the Lebanese University and an MA in Public Policy and International Affairs from the American University of Beirut.

I have extensively worked in the field of social science research with various international organizations on projects relating to gender equality and refugee rights in the MENA region. In 2020, I published a study in Oxfam Policy & Practice around menstrual hygiene management among Syrian refugee women in Lebanon. Academically, my research focus lies at the intersection of identity politics and social movements, with a regional focus on the Middle East.

I believe freedom is the power to express yourself, to think, and to act without restrictions or fear of repression. Freedom is innate to human nature because people are born free and they will strive for freedom so long as they haven’t reached it. But most importantly and above all, free societies pave the way for tolerant societies.