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Tim Kami
© Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Dr. Almut Besold - almut.besold@freiheit.org

Almut Besold
Head of Indonesia Office

Djoko Winarto - djoko.winarto@freiheit.org

Djoko Winarto
Technical Assistant

Meita Olivia - meita.olivia@freiheit.org

Meita Olivia
Head of Administration and Finance

Hanna Gultom - hanna.gultom@freiheit.org

Hanna Gultom
Finance Asisstant

Nur Rachmi - nur.rachmi@freiheit.org

Nur Rachmi
Program Officer

Ganes Woro Retnani - ganes-woro.retnan@freiheit.org

Ganes Woro Retnani
Program Officer

Aurelia Citra Kartikasari - aurelia.citra@freiheit.org

Aurelia Citra
Program Officer

Jonathan Davy - jonathan.davy@freiheit.org

Jonathan Davy
Program Officer

Skolastika Mudita - mudita.skolastika@freiheit.org

Skolastika Mudita
Communication Officer and Program Assistant

Elgawaty Samosir - elgawaty.samosir@freiheit.org

Elgawaty Samosir
Program Assistant

Nesya Tirtayana - nesya.tirtayana@freiheit.org

Nesya Tirtayana
Program Assistant
FNF Jakarta Team
FNF Jakarta Office Team consists of FNF Indonesia and FNF Malaysia Office. © FNF Indonesia