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Dr. Almut Besold

Since August 2018, Dr. Almut Besold is the Head of Country Office of FNF in Indonesia. She is responsible for all FNF activities in Indonesia and Malaysia. She studied Arabic Studies, Political Sciences and Religious Studies with a focus on the Arab world and Islam at the University of Leipzig, Germany. From 2000 to 2003 she did her Ph.D. on the international sanctions against Libya. From 2004 to 2013 she was working as a lecturer at the Oriental Institute of the University of Leipzig. In 2007/ 08 Almut was on leave and worked for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). From 2014 to 2018 she headed FNF´s Country Office in Pakistan.

Kontak : almut.besold@freiheit.org


Nur Rachmi

Nur Rachmi is the Programme Officer of FNF in Indonesia. She is responsible for capacity development programs, in cooperations with government institutions and political parties. Most known by the nickname Anung, formerly a woman activist with experiences in NGO works on women, environmental as well as human rights issues, joined the Foundation in 1995, and has since worked for five different resident representatives and has dealt with different responsibilities.

Kontak : nur.rachmi@freiheit.org


Djoko Winarto

Djoko Winarto is Technical Assistant at the FNF office Jakarta. He joined the Foundation in 1989 and is in charge of transportation and relations with government institutions.

Kontak : djoko.winarto@freiheit.org


Meita Olivia

Meita Olivia is the Project Administrator of FNF Indonesia. She is responsible for Finance, Administration and office matters. She joined the Foundation in 2007. 

Kontak : meita.olivia@freiheit.org


Hanna Gultom

Hanna Gultom is the Financial Assistant in FNF Indonesia. Before joining FNF in early 2016, she worked with ICMC. She is responsible  to help for the accounting of Indonesia’s programs.

Kontak : hanna.gultom@freiheit.org


Ganes Woro Retnani

Ganes Woro Retnani is the Programme Assistant  for Democracy Project at FNF Indonesia. She is Bachelor in Dutch Literature and Culture from Universitas Indonesia. After worked as a reporter at teen magazine, she joined at FNF on September 2014. She has interest in politics and philosophy.

Kontak : Ganes-Woro.Retnan@freiheit.org


Aurelia Citra Kartikasari

Aurelia Citra Kartikasari is Programme and Administrative Assistant at FNF Indonesia. She joined FNF on September 2016 after completing her bachelor's degree in German Studies, Universitas Indonesia. Her interests include feminism, environment and youth subcultures.

Kontak: aurelia.citra@freiheit.org


Jonathan Davy

Jonathan Davy (Jody) is the Programme Officer of FNF in Indonesia. Prior to working with FNF, Jody had 6 years of combined experience in managing programs and projects, building strategic partnership, corporate development, as well as managing grant and impact investment due diligence activities in both for-profit and non-profit sector.

Kontak : jonathan.davy@freiheit.org


Skolastika Mudita

Skolastika Mudita is Programme Assistant and Communication Officer at FNF Indonesia. She got her Bachelor of Art degree in International Relations from Universitas Gadjah Mada in 2014. She joined FNF in July 2017. Prior joining the team, she worked as a consultant in public affairs and strategic communications company. She is highly interested in human rights, sustainable development, cultures and political issues.

Kontak : mudita.skolastika@freiheit.org


Elgawaty Samosir

Elgawaty is the Programme Assistant at FNF in Indonesia. She is responsible for assisting Programme Officer for capacity development programs, in cooperation with government institutions and political parties. Before joining FNF in January 2020, she previously worked as a research assistant and search engine optimization (SEO). She has an interest in human rights, women empowerment, education, and digital media.

Kontak : elgawaty.samosir@freiheit.org


Nesya Tirtayana

Nesya Tirtayana is Programme Assistant and Communication Officer for FNF Malaysia. Prior joining the team, she worked as Project Assistant in British Council Indonesia. She is interested in Art, Culture, Anthropology, Human Right, and Women Empowerment.

Kontak : nesya.tirtayana@freiheit.org

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