Prisoners of Conscience :

Political Prisoners from East and Southeast Europe

Every year hundreds of people around the world are wrongfully imprisoned for no other reason than being critical of those in power. In some countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia, human rights advocates, opposition leaders, journalists, activists and others have been targets of persecution and crackdowns on critical voices. They have become prisoners of conscience.


Prisoners of Conscience 2019

Raising awareness is crucial, as one political prisoner is one too many.

The Regional Office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom for East and Southeast Europe decided to shed light in 2019 on the plight of political prisoners in the region by profiling six current and former political prisoners:  Ahmet Altan (Turkey), Nazli Ilicak (Turkey), Afgan Mukhtarli (Azerbaijan), Gozel Bayramli (Azerbaijan), Anastasia Shevchenko (Russia), Roman Sushchenko (Ukraine). It is a worrisome trend that four out of six political prisoners profiled in this series are journalists, who have been found guilty of nothing more than doing their job. During the course of our research, some of the above prisoners have been freed. 

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Prisoners of Conscience
Afgan Mukhtarli
Ahmet Altan
Nazli Ilicak
Gozekl Bayramli
Anastasia Shevchenko
Roman Sushchenko

Prisoners of Conscience 2020