Even politics needs a laboratory to generate innovation

Innovation Lab
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Innovation comes in a lot of form not only in tech like software. Policy and politics need innovations. What innovation have you all built?  With the fake news and disinformation what innovation for “next”. In digital age that is constant change innovation is a process of breakthrough repeatedly. How can we construct an innovation in politics that have been here for so long?

Innovation or Creativity? Salam to all, my name is Teoh Alvin from E Camps Agency's The Elections Lab. I am an IAF (International Academy of Leadership) alumnus, and I was honored to be chosen to attend the 7-day IAF Innovation Lab Seminar. I learn what innovation is in an organization and what it means to me. It is critical to have an innovator on your team. The most crucial aspect of all is team leader acceptance and empathy inside your organization for innovation. In this lecture, we will look at the innovative attitude and culture in both individuals and businesses. We also use an empathic approach to building products and services that matter.

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We examine and discover how five international organizations handle their innovative ideas and how internal processes encourage and facilitate innovation. Is it possible to introduce innovation into politics? The answer is yes, and it is up to the organization's executives to strategize and plan for it. Every failure of an innovation is a process that may be used to plan for the future.

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.

Challenges in innovation can be addressed if teams adopt an open-minded attitude toward new ideas and are willing to put them to the test. Data does come in the mix and aid in decision making. We need to approach the problem in a new way. That is how we will continue to innovate. Innovation is a new approach, a new way of thinking, a new task, opening your mind, taking risk, and trying something that might go wrong.

Thank you to FNF Malaysia Vera Putri, Director of IAF Bettina Solinger, three professional moderators Rainer, Hannah and Marike for making this happen, and with another 5 international innovators from around the world in that discussion session is an open minded one and to my 20 fabulous colleague participations from around the world that adding up this wonderful event. Let’s create more of this superpower of innovation in a safe environment.