United Nations of Innovation : United Nations of Innovation

What is the thing you touch most within a day? Chances are good that it is your phone: to connect to people, to get the latest news, to navigate your way through your city and so on. With that piece of technology in your pocket, you have a universe of information and possibilities at your fingertips. But we think, that there is so much more that technology can do.

During the last year the Foundation has raised its efforts globally to explore the burning issue how technology and innovation can help to make democratic systems more resilient, transparent and citizen oriented. Because there is no doubt about the fact that our liberal democracy is in dire need of an update – to ensure that liberal democracies will continue to perform better than authoritarian systems do. We discussed this topic during our flagship summit #HackingDemocracy on November 6th 2019 in Berlin. Below you can find an outtake of how our offices worldwide have lived up to the challenges of innovation throughout the year. 


Do not talk only about the 'Internet of Things', but about the 'Internet of Beings'.

Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan

We're liberals. And liberals are optimists. But optimism doesn't mean that we're naive. #Optimism means that we believe in progress.

Karl-Heinz Paqué, President of Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom