Internship at FNF Europe

Internship Cover

Interested in liberal politics? 

Want to gain working experience in Brussels? 

Join us as an intern!

We are looking for liberal-minded and innovative individuals who wants to be an intern in the capital of Europe.

Our candidates ideally fulfil the following requirements:

  • a minimum of four semesters of studies completed, preferably in the areas of law, social sciences or economics

  • excellent knowledge of German and English, and knowledge of French is an asset

  • excellent computer skills

  • interest in European and development politics

  • a good dose of creativity, motivation, ability to work in a team, and a penchant for communication and organisation

Successful candidates support our team in the following activities:

  • Managing events and visiting programmes

  • Researching speakers and topics for our events

  • Supporting the team with administrative tasks

  • Drafting reports of our events in English and German

  • Supporting the communication activities of FNF Europe

The internship should be an obligatory part of your studies and ideally, our interns join our team for at least two months.

The internship with FNF is a voluntary service. The FNF will not be able to provide you with any salary for the duration of the internship. However, a small monthly expense allowance of up to €500 will be arranged.

With regards to the summer vacation of the European Institutions, we usually cannot welcome interns between 15 July and 30 August.


  1. 1. A short motivation letter in German; please include your preferred time period for an internship
  2. 2. CV
  3. 3. Copies of relevant documents and certificates (including language certificates)
  4. Please send your application to


Applications are reviewed all year round.

About the Friedrich Naumann Foundation

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is a German non-profit organisation committed to promoting liberal values such as freedom, human rights, and democracy. With offices in over 60 countries worldwide, FNF aims to foster an open society where individuals have the opportunity to develop their full potential and contribute to their communities.

The European Dialogue of FNF (FNF Europe) has offices in Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, and Prague.

Through the connection of EU experts, civil society, and decision-makers we seek to foster open dialogue and discuss liberal policy solutions to European challenges. Together with our liberal partners, we develop formats and campaigns to promote the rule of law, free markets and human rights. Moreover, we coordinate EU-co-funded projects in the field of democracy support, development cooperation and human rights protection. 

For more information about FNF Europe and our programs, visit our website at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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