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It's Time to Make The Magic Happened

Making Magic participants
© Teoh Kong Seng 

It’s time to make the magic happen. I’m Teoh Alvin from The Elections Lab by E Camps Agency.

Two weeks in this seminar Making Magic: Designing and Facilitating Gatherings, 23 August-2 September 2021 was a great experience. As a facilitator myself I have learn a lot of new skill in this seminar. We deep dive at the core of facilitation as to What, Why and How. A well gathering of people must come with good planning and strategy. Understand your participants need, wants and journey is also a part of the work.

You need voice in facilitation work, and it was amazing experience that we never realize the power of our voice at a session with voice artist.  How to best use your voice when facilitating or in events.

Facilitation is the art of stimulating deeper understanding, fresh thinking and behavioral transformation.

A facilitator must build a safe, comfort place for participants to participate. Doing Empathy Map to map the participants beforehand so to build a relationship with them. Through the empathy map we can also design and create content for which types of gathering or events that are suitable. Beside that facilitator must reflect own self every time. To look for improvement and upskill within.

We get to experience the methodology with great facilitator Manali Shah and CEO of Gamestorming Group Dave Mastronardi. A part of the method is the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotion that are also equally important when conducting gathering or facilitating in events.

Open space a session in the seminar is a great platform for participants to create spaces and engaging themselves. Other than that, tools also being share in the seminar like Miro, Slido and Mentimeter. Finding support in facilitation work is important. From conversations with peers, friends, and fellow colleague to build a relationship will help you in your journey as a facilitator.

Making Magic
© Teoh Kong Seng 

Metaphor: Drawing out “water” (ideas) which we know is out there

As a facilitator we always fetching for ideas and knowledge to share with participants no matter how deep the well (journey) was.

‘The nine helpers’, ‘Design Cycle’, ‘Magic Worksheet’ combine with the Gamestorming session make this seminar perfectly complete for my journey up ahead. Thank you IAF, Bettina Solinger, Vera Putri and all the colleague in Gummerbach for giving me this opportunity and making all this happen again. Also, to the ‘trio’ great facilitators MMC Marike, Mana and Clinton you guys are amazing. To all my colleague from around the world in the seminar thank you for sharing your experience and let’s keep making magic!