Hungary Election Countdown :

Hungary will hold its parliamentary elections on 3 April 2022. Six Hungarian opposition parties - centre-left’s Democratic Coalition (DK), the far-right-turned-conservative Jobbik, the liberal Momentum Movement, socialist MSZP and the green LMP and Párbeszéd - have joined forces in a bid to end the era of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his national conservative Fidesz party, who have been in power since 2010. Opinion polls show Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party and the opposition alliance running neck-and-neck.

The united opposition accuses Orbán's government of dismantling of the rule of law, political favouritism in the Hungarian public procurement system, scapegoating of migrants and LGBTIQ persons as well as transmitting Russia’s and China’s interests in the EU.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine could possibly also have an impact on Hungary’s political future, as the fighting on the other side of the border is already influencing the Hungarian election campaign. Will Hungarian citizens stick to the status quo with Viktor Orbán at the helm or they dare to make a new start? What are the chances of the united opposition and what is the current political situation on the ground?

“Hungary Election Countdown” keeps you informed on the latest developments.