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Middle East and Northern Africa

The Middle East and Northern Africa region has a special strategic importance for Europe, and not only for reasons of geographical proximity. Turkey, for example, is an EU accession candidate. Moreover, the European Union is the most important trading partner for all countries in the region, and the Arab states are the European Union‘s main energy suppliers.

Furthermore, the region remains the focal point for some of the major challenges of world politics: the Middle East conflict, emigration towards the European Union, the development of peaceful and constructive relationships between Islamic countries and Western democracies.

Most countries in the region do not enjoy democratic institutions and the rule of law. The degree of protection of individual and political freedoms is the lowest in the world (despite some differences between countries). And the same is true of economic freedoms and individual private property protection.

In many countries, civil society is relatively undeveloped and finds it difficult to make itself heard. Freedom of association and freedom of assembly are subject to many restrictions, as is the freedom of the press. The work of our Foundation tackles these issues, supporting various initiatives for greater freedom, tolerance and democracy in the countries of the region.

It was in 1962, with a training project for journalists in Tunisia, that the foreign activities of our Foundation began. Since then our work has expanded both in geographical and content scope.

Today we are present in Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. The regional office is based in Cairo.

Regional Brochure Middle East and Northern Africa by Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit

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Please have a look at our publications published by the Liberal Institute in English language: Concepts of Liberty, Occasional Papers, Ideas on Liberty, Liberal Thinkers, Liberal Report. You can download Policy Papers concerning the regions we work in: Central, South East and East Europe (engl.) and in German language for Africa, Mediterranean countries, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast and East Asia, European Institutions and North America.


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Contacts Middle East and North Africa Region

Head office Middle East and North Africa Region in Cairo:

P.O. Box 251 - Maadi 11728 Cairo, Egypt
Tel.: +202 (252) 852 86/-87

        +202 (252) 568 05
Fax: +202 (252) 567 96
E-mail: egypt@fnst.org

Head: Dr. René Klaff



Office Egypt:

P.O. Box 251 - Maadi 11728 Cairo, Egypt
Tel.: +202 (252) 852 86/-87

        +202 (252) 568 05
Fax: +202 (252) 567 96

E-mail: egypt@fnst.org

Website: www.fnst-egypt.org (arab. and engl.)

Resident Representative: Hani Abdel Malak



Office Jerusalem / Palestine:

Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit

Rajeib Nashashibi Road

Sheikh Jarrah

Jerusalem 91180 / Israel

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 18133

Jerusalem 91180 / Israel

Tel.: +972 (2) 532 608-0/-1/-2/-3
Fax: +972 (2) 532 608-4
E-mail: jerusalem@fnst.org
Website: www.fnst-jerusalem.org

Resident Representative: Walter Klitz
Head Israel Desk: Anne Cohen-Köhler
Head Palestine Desk: Suleiman Abu-Dayyeh


Office Jordan / Lebanon / Syria / Iraq


P.O.Box 921811, Amman 11192, Jordan
Tel.: +962 (6) 585 8-034/-635/-730

        +962 (6) 585 909-7

Fax: +962 6 5858142
E-mail: naumann.jorleb@fnst.org
Website: www.fnst-amman.org/en

Resident Representative: Ulrich Wacker



Office Morocco / Algeria:

Fondation Friedrich Naumann pour la Liberté

24, Avenue de France

Apt. 5, 2ème étage

10000 Rabat-Agdal


Tel:  +212/ 5 37 77 75 09

Fax: +212/ 5 37 77 75 36


E-Mail: maroc@fnst.org

Website: www.fnst-maghreb.org

Auf Facebook: hier

Resident Representative: Andrea Nüsse


Office Tunisia / Lybia:

Fondation Friedrich Naumann,

6 rue Lac Tibériade 

Berges du Lac 

1053 Tunis, Tunesien 

Tel: +21 671 96 61 01; +21 671 96 60 97

Fax: +21671963676

E-mail:  tunisie@fnst.org
Website: www.fnst-maghreb.org

Resident Representative: Ralf Erbel